Monday, August 5, 2013

A week filled with the temple



What an amazing place. this week was focused around the temple. 


We took Tahja, the 9 year old who is going to be baptized on the 17th, and her family to the Temple Visitor Center. We had an amazing experience and got to walk around the temple and touch the granite wall. We spoke of how families can be together forever and how baptisms for the dead work, and why we do it. They had a little scavenger hunt that we got to do and had lots of fun! Tahja told us how she wants to go inside someday and we got to explain to her that she can when she is of age and worthy. It was an amazing experience.


We have also been working with a recent convert named Braiden. He is an amazing kid. (Do I say amazing to much? I don’t care, missions are amazing.) He went to do baptisms for the dead last Friday and had a great time and really felt the spirit. When we went to visit him he said he had a few questions and I said what better place to talk about the temple than at the temple! So we went to the Temple Visitor Center again with him! We walked around with some Sister Missionaries who could answer all of our questions and did a great job explaining things to us. Another spirit filled afternoon. I love this Gospel! 


Karissa Myrdal was baptized on the 1st of August and was confirmed the following Sunday. Elder Curtis got to baptize her, I gave a talk on the Holy Ghost and I got to do the Confirmation. I’ve been in the circle before but this time I got to do the blessing. It was amazing. I’m so grateful for the power of the Holy Ghost and the Priesthood. Our Heavenly Father loves us so much and has given us so many tools to come back to him.


Whether we know it or not, our father is always there. He loves you and wants to hold you in his arms again. Let’s try our best to return to him by becoming like him.


Elder Eldredge 


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