Monday, February 24, 2014

This week was not what we expected.


This week was crazy, but in a different way. 

I love Elder Downey, my new companion. He is extremely spiritual and very obedient. He is a great example to me. But this week was not what we expected.

Elder Downey has been battling migraines since November and this week it hit him hard. He was in bed for 4 days, rarely getting up. He was able to go and do some stuff in the evenings but only for a few hours. I felt so bad for him. He was walking around our already dark apartment with sunglasses on!  So we were not able to do nearly as much as we hoped. But he is up and moving now and we were able to go to a doctor this morning that really helped him out. 

In the middle of all of this madness we were able to go and teach Mia. Mia is a 9 year old girl who was introduced to the gospel through one of her friends. That friend has since moved but we are still teaching her. She loves primary, the class at our church for little ones, and she loves learning about the gospel. Elder Downey went to college and studied music education for children. So, he is amazing with little kids. We were talking about prophets and he wanted to sing "follow the Prophet." Since Elder Downey is a convert of about 2 years he didn't know the song so I got to sing it and teach it to Mia and him!! haha. It was a lot of fun! It’s amazing what spirit you can feel when you talk about truth. 

Keep the faith, never give up. I miss you Madeline Rose. 
Your missionary,   

Elder Eldredge

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Frequency of use determines word size.  This is what we believe.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Transfer, Elder Bednar, and Family!

 Elder Cavalcante and me on a tandem bike out doing the work.


These past 2 weeks have been crazy!!!

First off I was transferred. I went back to my old stake!!! the Taylor Mountain Stake!!! Crazy!!! I’ve run into a few people I knew before already!!! I love this area! There is so much work and so much to do. I was also called to be a zone leader. I’m super excited to serve these missionaries!

Matthew 20:26 But whosoever will be great among you, let him be your minister.

My new companion’s name is Elder Downey. He and I were in the M.T.C. (Mission Training Center) together. He is an amazing missionary and I am learning so much from him!!! P.S. We have a car!!! A Jeep Compass 2013 :D My goal: DONT GET FAT!!!

Second, Elder Bednar of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles came and we had a 3 hour question and answer session. IT WAS AMAZING!!!! One thing he asked us was to not take notes. He asked us to only write down spiritual impressions that we receive and not every word that was said. He called it "one of our foolish traditions." I learned so much from him and I’m so grateful to have learned so much from the Spirit. Elder Downey and I were asked to be the mic boys. We were the ones giving the microphones to those who ether asked Elder Bednar a question or answered one of his. I was also asked to lead the opening hymn, High on a Mountain Top. It was so cool leading an entire mission in a missionary song!!! It was SO COOL!!!! Before the question and answer part of the meeting I got to sit on the stand right next to Elder Bednar and his wife. When his wife was speaking she told of a story of how Elder Bednar hoped that His son would go to a hard mission so he could learn lots. When, on the other hand, Sister Bednar hoped he would go somewhere safe and easy. He laughed and looked at me and we laughed together....... ya i might sound like a little girl at a One Direction concert but hay...... this is an Apostle of the Lord we are talking about!!!! It was a huge honor and privilege.

One thing I learned was about the principle of Faith. We must show the Lord that we are willing to work. We must show that we are serious about what we want. Faith is not just a feeling, it’s an action. The people of Israel had to get their feet wet before the waters would part. We must first put forth action then the Lord will help us.  

We have 2 baptismal dates as of now. Rob Johnson (March 22nd) and Andrew Meickle (March 8th) (sounds like pickle but with an M). Please pray for them!!! 

I love and miss you all!!!!

Your Missionary, Elder Eldredge

This is Elder Downey, my new companion, and me at the library writing our letters to y'all!

What a surprise!  I got transferred into my cousin's ward, and had five family members there at church Sunday!

Monday, February 3, 2014



This week has gone by so fast.....

I'm the district leader and one of my responsibilities is to go on exchanges with all the Elders. Its tons of fun getting to know them a little better. The other Elders in my District are Spanish elders. So it’s very different for me when I go into their area. They have to do everything by themselves! But we get to talk about their goals and how they can improve and what they want to do in life. Its way fun! 

On one of the exchanges I was with Elder Law. Elder Law is an amazing Elder from Gilbert, Arizona. He has been out for about 4 months and has determination unlike any other! He is so loving and one of the most Christ like Elders I know! He is so pure and always sticks to his standers. Anyways, we went to one of his investigator’s home and talked with a kid named Emanuel. He is 12 and was really interested in the Book of Mormon. I got to talk with him, because he speaks both Spanish and English, and we taught him what the Book of Mormon was all about. Then his Father walked in and Elder Law taught him in Spanish. I had no idea what he was saying, but the spirit was super strong! They knelt down and offered a prayer. The father, Mario, said it. When we walked out of their home Elder Law told me what happened. He set baptismal dates with both the Father and the Son! I’m so proud of him and I’m so grateful I got to be a part of it!!! After we talked about what happened, Elder Law wanted to kneel down and offer a prayer of thanksgiving. It was so cool, kneeling on the cold ground giving thanks to our Heavenly Father for leading us to those who are ready.      

Its so amazing being a part of the Lord’s work. It’s such a blessing to be a tool in His hands. 

This is true.

All of it.

100% of it.

Elder Eldredge