Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Learning to Trust

Brother Call sent this picture this week and said
the Elders were cleaning their room on their preparation day. 


Sick week.


Elder Olson and I have been sick all week. I got a cold Monday night and he picked it up Thursday morning. I feel really bad that I got him sick. But he is such a trooper and I’m very grateful to be his companion. 


Besides being sick not much has happened this week. We talked with Leah, our soon to be baptism, and they needed to push the date back to the 26th. It’s the only day her mother has off work. So we will have the baptism then and the conformation on the 29th! I’m super excited to help this young woman come closer to God. Leah is 11, half Korean, and very very shy. Painfully shy. But Elder Olson and I have just become her friends and she has opened up to us. Her parents are members but have been less active for a long time. Brother McMurtrey, Leah's father, is really wanting to come back to church. Sister McMurtrey is full Korean and very pregnant. I think that is a large part of him wanting to come back to church as well as Leah making the decision to be baptized. I’m excited for this family to come back to Christ and feel of the happiness found in the gospel. 


I had two really cool spiritual experiences. Elder Olson and I were teaching a member lesson to a great family in the Sand Creek 2nd Ward, the Lemons. They have 4 kids age range 11 to 2. After the lesson, I asked Brother Lemon if he would be willing to assist Elder Olson in giving me a blessing so I could get over this cold. He agreed and anointed. Elder Olson gave me a blessing. He told me that I would be able to be healed so I could do the work needed in this area. He also told me that my Heavenly Father loves me and is waiting to give me indescribable blessings. All He requires of me is to go forward with faith and take them. He told me to trust in His hand and look for His love daily in my life.  This has been a struggle for me. I am having a hard time trusting my Heavenly Father. I am willing to do what He asks of me, but trusting is another thing. I am working on building my Faith in Christ and my Heavenly Father. I have also been, since the blessing, looking for ways that my Heavenly Father blesses me daily. I am starting a gratitude journal, much like the one Madie had. I’m filling it with things I am grateful for and emphasizing on how the Lord has blessed me. Thank you Elder Olson for being in tune with the spirit and knowing what it was I needed to hear. 


Second experience. We had exchanges this week with our district leader. Elder Vincent is my district leader and he came and stayed at our place while I went and stayed at his. I got to hang out with Elder Rowley. A way cool guy! He is waiting for his visa for Argentina. He is from Payson, Utah and probably the only guy who can rival my good looks ;).  He and I really kicked it off. We were both kinda reserved and didn’t know what to think of each other. But we are best friends and I wish I was a Spanish missionary just so we could be companions. Anyway, he had a crazy day the day he picked me up for exchanges; weird satanic stuff. He said he could still feel the spirits hanging around him and when we first started talking he was really on edge and very angry. He asked for a blessing. Not knowing what I was going to say I started by telling him that his Heavenly Father loves him and is aware of him. I then commanded that the spirits leave and not disturbed him again. It was a powerful experience and there was not a shadow of a doubt that he would sleep well and be able to continue the work. I’m so grateful for the power of the Priesthood. 


Love and miss y’all!!! 

Elder Eldredge   


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