Monday, April 21, 2014

He Is Always There Beside You



WOW....... What an amazing few weeks

First off, Sorry. I’m sorry I have not written in 3 weeks! It’s been crazy! I don’t know where to start!!!

April 5th-6th. General Conferance. AMAZING!!! I invite all to watch, read, listen to these men and woman of God and there instruction. I promise you will get something out of it that will benefit your life. Go to and learn how you can come closer to Christ. 

April 7th Monday. We went on a hike! It was tons of fun! All of the missionaries in our zone came with and we had a blast!!! 

April 13th Sunday. We gave a talk in the Castle Rock ward and guess who the last speaker was that day. Elder D. Todd Christofferson!!!!!!  A member of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles!!! 

We showed up that morning to ward counsel and the bishopric member who was going to be conducting that day pulled us aside and told us that Elder Christofferson was going to be there and to be ready to shorten our talks if he wanted to give a few words. I spoke first on the Apostasy, Elder Downey spoke on the Restoration, and then Elder Christofferson got up. He turned to us said "I'd give you an A for your talks today. Thank you."  Then spoke on what we had spoken on and referred to us multiple times!!! I instructed an APOSTLE!!!! CRAZY!!! After Sacrament meeting, he came over and shook our hands. We introduced ourselves and chatted with him for a little bit. He is a very laid back guy; very full of the spirit. It was so cool!!! 

April 20th Easter Sunday. We have the privilege of going to two Sacrament meetings each week. This week we went to the Castle Rock ward and the Boulevard ward. Elder Downey and I sang in the Boulevard ward choir. We sang "Consider the Lilies", "Christ the Lord is Risen Today", "Were You There", and "God So Loved The World". SO AMAZING!!! My favored one is Were you there. It’s a Baptist spiritual song. We played it much slower than usual and had an amazing soloist. There were other musical numbers. A piano and violin duet that made me cry; a song that was sung called "Lord, My Redeemer" that made me cry again..... I love Easter. Throughout the services the Holy Ghost kept telling me that Christ is risen!!!! HE IS RISEN!!! This is the greatest statement of all time!!! Because of Him we can return to our Heavenly Father! Because of Him death has no sting! Because of Him we are redeemed.  


We have a baptismal date!!! His name is Andrew Meikle (like pickle but with an M). He is 19 years old and will be baptized on the 26th!!!! Please pray for him as the week before a baptism is always a hard one. He will need prayers of protection and strength! 

Juan Lopez: He is 23ish and very hard to set up appointments with. But last time we visited with him he expressed his desire to be rid of the gilt and sins that weigh on him. He has a few things to work on before he can be baptized. But I pray he will find the strength to continue on this path back to Christ. 

Colleen Jackson: 45is form New York. She has hit rock bottom and hit it hard. She has very little and is struggling to find work. She needs the gospel!!! I’m excited to help her find the way back to Christ and the peace and hope that is there. 


Alma 31:31~”Oh Lord, my heart is exceedingly sorrowful; wilt thou comfort my soul in Christ.  O Lord, wilt thou grant unto me that I may have strength, that I may suffer with patience these afflictions which shall come upon me…”  April 20th, 17 months.  I love you Madie. 

  Elder Eldredge

 Elder Eldredge with the children of Lisa Olson, a sister he baptized at the beginning of his mission

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