Wednesday, April 30, 2014

My Zone at the Zoo


Andrew Cook (we thought it was Andrew Meickle until the day of the baptism!) was baptized this last Saturday by Elder Downey and was confirmed Sunday by his grandfather. It was amazing. The family grew so much together and suported each other beautifully.  The Spirit was extremely strong. I got to give a talk in the program and I decided to talk about the power of the Atonement. It was amazing being used as a tool in the Lords hands. I just opened my mouth and said the words the Spirit gave me. Amazing. 

Also on Saturday we helped in a mini MTC (Mission Training Center) for the primary kids in one our wards. They invited all the missionaries in our zone to come and help to give it an authentic MTC feel. It was amazing! The kids got little name-tags and mission calls to ether Korea, Mexico, New York, or Russia. It was way cool!!! I love getting our zone together because we ALWAYS have a good time :)

Pray. Do It. 

Elder Eldredge

Elder Downey, Andrew, and his step dad Brother Mickel

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