Monday, May 5, 2014

My Week In Pictures

Elder Eldredge sent us some pictures this week, but not many words.  He says he's teaching lots and learning lots.  He told me (his mommy) that there is a new rule in their mission: no "instant messaging" via email any more.  Not the best mother's day gift I've ever gotten.  But I am so proud of him.  He said he was bummed about the rule, but wants to be obedient and asked me to help him.  So I said, "over and out"! (Right after setting up a time to skype with him on Mother's Day!)  10 more months.  Here are the pictures he sent and his words about them.

"This is Chris. He is a less active guy who is working on going to the temple. I love him a lot!!! "

"This is right after a lesson about the priesthood. All 3 boys will be ordained here in the next few weeks. They will have a Decon, Teacher, and a Priest. Then we are taking the whole family to the temple to do baptisms for the dead!!!"

"Elder Downey and I got grilled cheese sandwiches on National grilled cheese sandwich day (as shown on the door to my left) at Reed's Dairy. The only place with ice cream that comes close to Bluebell."

"Elder Govatos, Downey, Me, Huish, and Pedro."

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