Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Another crazy week.


"Our God is an awesome God. He reigns from Heaven above with wisdom, power, and Love our God is an awesome God!!!"

We have been so blessed. The past month has been a hard one. Our investigators didn't seem to want to meet with us and we were constantly knocking on empty doors. My knuckles are busted!!!! But that's my job. That's my call. I love it. 

My Heavenly Father has blessed us for our hard work and dedication. We are helping 4 people work towards a baptism. Micheal, Trevor, Auriea (girlfriend of Trevor), and Calleen. Please pray for them!!!

One of these people, Michea, was given to us just out of the blue!!! We received a text from the IF North Zone Leaders asking if 13th street was in our area. And it was!! The Elders had already given him a goal to work towards! Now we have the opportunity to help him come closer to Christ!!! I thank my God for his infinite love.

 I've never looked at people like this. People will drive by and I will desire for their happiness. I pray that they are happy and that if they don't have the gospel in their life that they will soon have it as it is the only way we can be happy for eternity. This change has taken a long time and I am still working on it. But to see others as brothers and sisters, family, looking for the great gift I have. How much more do we need to open our mouths! To let all know how much their Heavenly Father loves them and wants for their happiness and success! "Men are that they might have joy!" 

I know this is God’s work. It’s hard. But the most rewarding thing you could do. So do it!!!

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