Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Time Flies

Another great week!!! Caitlin has moved her baptismal date to the 6th!!!! I’m so excited for her!!! She is so excited herself!!! When she told us she played it off like she was going to push it back or drop us!!! I was so scared!!! But she surprised us all that she wanted to move it up!!! Her boyfriend Mark is going to baptize her and she asked if I would confirm her a member and give her the Gift of the Holy Ghost!!! It’s so great getting to have a front row seat to the Atonement taking place in people’s lives!!! This change she has been going threw was an incredible one to witness. The Spirit really spoke to her and she has made it!!! She is currently in Moscow, Idaho visiting family for the brake. Please pray for her! She told her family that she was going to be baptized and they gave her a less then warm reply. Please pray that she will remain strong and remember the blessings she has seen and the truth she knows. 

I had something really funny happy to me today. We were at Sonic getting lunch and we decided to pay with all the coins we had collected in the car. I was holding the money as my comp was counting out the coins. I was also picking up trash in the car to clean it out. I got out of the car, threw away the trash and right as I opened my hand I realized I was still holding onto some of the coins!!!!! I threw away $2!!!! hahahahaha what a loser!!! haha no pun intended.

This and next week are going to be crazy! We have transfer meetings Tuesday and Wednesday. That is the meeting were we work with President Brinkerhoff on deciding were the missionaries will go. Then Thanksgiving which is a service P-day were we look for ways to serve in the community. Then it’s December!!! That’s crazy!!!

Love you!!!

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