Monday, December 1, 2014

Back to IF (Idaho Falls)



Another Buck Wild Week!!!

Transfer meetings this week. President Brinkerhoff decided I should go to IF (Idaho Falls) again and be a zone leader over a reorganized zone. So within 4 days of knowing, I was sent to IF!!! I’ll have spent 21 months of my mission in this great city!!!! HAHA this is crazy. I’m currently in the IF Family History Center emailing. The same place I sent my first email from!! haha Lots of great memories here! 

I’m now Zone Leader over the IF North Zone and expecting some great times!! My companions are Elder Coggins from North Carolina and good old Elder Solomon. My companion I never had! He and I have been working with each other in the oddest ways! Elder Solomon has helped me through my mission and taught me how to be a missionary. I’m very grateful for him! Elder Coggins has been out for 16 months and is a very hard worker. I’m excited to continue working with him. 

It’s getting really cold here. It’s snowing outside right now. Winter is here and Christmas is on its way! This week starts the "He is the Gift" initiative. The Church has made a new video helping us remember the real meaning of Christmas. PLEASE WATCH!!!! It’s amazing!!! What’s really cool about this is you get to share it with everybody!!! In the Ensign this month there is a page of pass-along cards that you get to give to people!!! How cool is that! We need to make this a part of our every day conversation! Lets #Sharethegift!!!!!! 

Caitlin is still getting baptized on the 6th! I’m so excited for her! 

We had an interesting run-in this week.
 We went to sacrament meeting in one of our wards and before we walked into the chapel a member walked up to us and said he had a guy with him that really needed spiritual strength. He said He recently was released from the hospital after trying to commit suicide for the 3rd time. His name is Kevin and he turns 22 today. He had a pentagram on his wrist under his palm, a 666 on his thumb and the word "suicide" written on his arm. He sat through Sacrament meeting and came with us to Sunday School. In Sunday School we talked about the light of Christ. Under his breath he said "What if you have no light." After class we talked and he broke down crying. He talked about the years spent as a Satanist and all the horror he has witnessed. He had it all, by the world’s standards. Money, cars, friends, women, drugs. Then it was all taken away from him. He hit rock bottom and didn't know how to get up. We prayed with him and taught him about the Grace of God and of his love for him. We talked about his Son, Jesus Christ, and what has been done for him. Kevin is scared. Scared that satan is going to do something now that he wants to change. Please pray for Kevin!!!  

Christ is our Savior, Redeemer, and Friend. We can overcome anything with His help. Even come from the darkness into the Light.  

Elder Eldredge

Saying goodbye to my good companion Elder Jones

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