Monday, December 15, 2014

We set another baptism date! Her name is Terry. She is in her 50's taking care of her grand kids. She is very humble and a very hard worker. She knows that when she come to church she can feel peace and it helps her be a better person and makes her life much smoother. She hasn't come to church in a long time and finally was able to make it this last week! I’m so excited for her!! She is working to be baptized January 10th. We are meeting with her tonight at the Temple Visitors Center. 

Kevin is doing ok. He has his ups and downs. This poor guy can’t live without drama. We are planning on having a "talk he never got from his father" tonight. We really need prayers for that! We are hoping to help him realize he needs to grow up and be a man now. He is still working to be baptized on the 20th. PLEASE PRAY FOR HIM!!!
I forgot to tell y’all!!! Caitlin was baptized on the 6th!!! It was so great! I got to give a talk at the baptize. The Spirit was so strong!!! I learned later that her family as all but disowned her because of her decision to be baptized. Yet she was glowing with excitement and the spirit! I will send you pics as soon as I get them. :)
Go to ........ do it....... do it now!!!!! It’s so good!!!! Now share with everyone!!! 

Love you!

Elder Eldredge

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