Monday, January 5, 2015

God is good. God is good.


This week was hard. I loved New Years Eve and day, but we had a rough week in the IFNZ (Idaho Falls North Zone.) Please pray for the missionaries to work smarter and harder. We aren’t teaching as much as we could be and people are slipping from making a convenant with their Heavenly Father that will not only bring them closer to him now, but make it possible for them to be with Him forever! This is a trying time for our zone. 

This last year we baptized 992 souls!!! How amazing! The Lord really is hastening His work!!!

This past Sunday, Kevin, the young man who was baptized on the 20th, bore his testimony is Fast and Testimony meeting. It was awesome seeing him build up the courage and testify that he knows the gospel is true and that Joseph Smith and Thomas S. Monson are prophets of God. He brought his friend and helped him around church and was an amazing missionary. He reminds me a lot of Chris Artificavitch when he was recently baptized and the fire he had and still has. I love Kevin and want so badly for him to make it in this world. It seems at times that everything is against him, but he still has a smile on his face. 

This week I learned something really cool from another missionary. We had another missionary with Elder Coggins and I trying to contact some investigators. We finally were able to talk to a guy named James. James is about 22 and real chill. He likes talking with us and respects what we are trying to do. We had a quick lesson on his door step.... in the cold..... and talked about the Atonement. This Elder pulled out 3rd Nephi 11:14-15 and talked about how the people went up and reached out there hands and knew Jesus was the Christ. He explained that we need to do the same. We must reach out our hands to Christ to come to know that he is our Savior. It emphasized to me that we MUST take action if we expect to know God. John 17:3 " And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent."

Please pray for Terry, James, Drake, McKyla, Taylor, and Anthony. 

God is good. God is good.

Elder Eldredge

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