Monday, March 18, 2013

"To Feel God's Love For His Children"

Wow!!! Being in a bike area is harder than I thought it would be!!! But the Lord has strengthened me and I know threw him all things are possible. Even if it is biking 5+ miles a day!!

My Companion, Elder Stephens and I are doing great! He’s a great guy from Tennessee and a great teacher.

We have 8 investigators and a ton of less-actives that we are helping come to Christ. I love them all ssssoooo much!!!

The food is great here!!! Lots and lots of potatoes!!! The members here are great. Its kinda like Utah but not quite as extreme. Its kinda funny knocking doors. You never know if it’s going to be a member or not!

I can feel the power given me to be here on my mission. I know that this calling that I have gives me power to keep going and to feel God’s love for His children. I don't want to lose this gift God has given me. To be honest I’m scared to go home and lose this mantel. I look forward to these next two years where I can serve the Lord, full force.

I am In Idaho Falls!!! It’s a really old city, very rich in Mormon history. The Idaho Falls Temple is BEAUTIFUL!!! My companion (Elder Stephens) and I went and did a session. The paintings are amazing!!!

We cover 3 wards; the Township, Victorian Village, and Thayerwood. Sunday was great. In the Township ward a Sister gave her fare-well talk. There was an Area 70, Elder Kim Clark, who gave us a promise that if we get on our knees and pray, God will place those who we can talk to about the gospel in our path. I’m giving a talk next Sunday on missionary work and will totally be using that!!!

Elder Stephens and I have 8 investigators. We were white washed (we are both new to the area and have to learn everything pretty much on our own), so these investigators were kinda handed down to us but we have a few baptismal dates and we are helping them work towards that. Idaho Falls has really rich areas and really poor areas. We have no investigators in the rich area and all 8 in the poor. They all live in trailer parks and very small, very dirty houses. It emphasizes the reason Christ went unto those who are poor in spirit and meek and lowly of heart. They are the ones humble enough to listen to what we have to say.

Being in Idaho definitely has its perks. Every night we have a great dinner with great members. Thank you Mom and Dad for feeding all of those missionaries.

Thank you all for your prayers. I am eternally blessed to have you supporting me.

"If God is with us, who can be against us!" 

Elder Eldredge

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