Monday, March 25, 2013

Snow on the First Day of Spring


The work is moving forward fast!!! We are teaching so much and I’m loving it!!! There is a lot of "over aged youth," that is, kids over 8 and under 18 that have not been baptized. So I’m teaching little kids too!!!

My body has finally given in and is letting me ride my bike without any pain!!! I’m finally conditioned enough to keep up with my companion!

Elder Stephens is great! He’s really knowledgeable and a great teacher. I’m learning lots!!

The weather has been a little crazy. It snowed on the first day of spring, then the sun came out, then it snowed again!!! It’s been fun biking in the snow and getting all bundled up.

I am so grateful for all of your support and love! Thank you so much for your prayers!

Elder Eldredge

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