Monday, April 1, 2013

An Easter Letter From Bishop Sorensen's Wife

Dear Eldredge family,
Yesterday we had the privilege of having the elders join our family for Easter Dinner. We served them a traditional dinner of ham, funeral potatoes, glazed carrots, spinach salad, rolls, fruit, and raspberry cheesecake. I will admit this was the first year I had to share my deviled eggs since no one at our house likes them except me, but I was proud to let Elder Eldredge enjoy them as well since he was so appreciative of them. Your son is gracious and well-mannered and a good conversationalist. He can even tie fancy knots with his tie, which was very impressive to my husband and future son-in-law, both of which also know how to make fancy tie knots.
Elder Eldredge and Elder Stephens are dynamic missionaries. We are excited to have them in our area. My husband is the bishop in our ward and is pleased to be working closely with such dedicated and obedient missionaries.
We have a special fondness in our home for missionaries from Texas, especially those from Spring. Several years ago our daughter served in the Texas Houston mission and spent her last transfer in Spring. She loved her time in Texas and we were always so impressed with the hospitality she was shown, so we like to pay it forward.
I am attaching a photo so that you can see for yourselves that Elder Eldredge is happy and healthy and glowing with his love for the gospel. We hope that your family is already experiencing the blessings from having a missionary serving the Lord. There is nothing like it!
Have a great week!
~Sister Joy Sorensen

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  1. Such a nice lady! So that's what Elder Stephens looks like. Good story to share.