Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Up A Tree

Ok so there is this skate park that has a tree
with tons of shoes hanging in it.
So Elder Stephens and I
with our District leader and his comp
got a lot of them down!

We used a really long pole to grab them and pull them down.

We got 60+ pairs of shoes!!
It was a lot of fun and we had a good time getting them down.
I got a few pairs that are still in great shape
and I'll get to wear them on p-day!

So we put all the shoes in the back of our District leader's car
 and he drove them to our house
and threw them down the stairs that lead to our basement.

When Sister Newman came home
we showed her and she just kept saying
"Oh my goodness!"

Then she sat down at my desk and called her daughter
and told her all about it!!!
Haha!! It was awesome!!

We got Sister Newman a pair of black Vans
and I got some pink shoelaces.
Her favorite color is pink.
I hope she likes them.

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