Monday, April 1, 2013



Happy Easter!!!! This week has been great!!! We added up our Monthly actuals yesterday and we have 6 people who will hopefully be baptized within this next month!!! I’m ssssoooo excited for them!!!! It’s two families of 3 and they are progressing well.


Satan knows of the missionaries and works really hard on us. Every decision we make ether makes us stronger or makes us weaker Satan is trying almost as hard as Christ is at influencing us to follow him. I know that if we stay close to Christ and always keep our eye on the prize (eternal life) we can make it. We must help others, and think outwardly rather than inwardly. NEVER let Lucifer think you aren’t worth the Love of Christ.


Today Elder Stephens and I biked 13 miles. We biked up a mountain to where windmills are. It was so cool looking back and seeing all of Idaho Falls. It’s so great having this body that my loving Heavenly Father has given me.


You’re not going to believe who I saw today!! Rachel Gillmore, my cousin!!!! She yelled "Sawyer" from her nice black pickup truck and at first I didn't recognize her but there she was!!!! It was crazy!!! She has a less-active member living with her and we are planning on getting together and teaching her and her kids!!!


Sister Newman (the woman who has let us live in her basement) was the Easter bunny for us yesterday. She gave us a big bag of candy and we did "the Easter story" with her. She is so nice and loves us so much. I am very grateful for all she does for us and all she continues to do for people around her.


Christ is my savior. He is the light and the life. Only threw him can we become all that God wants us to be. I am forever grateful for his sacrifice and will forever praise him for rising from the tomb. Because he lives, so shall I.


Smile! It improves your face value ;)


Elder Eldredge


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