Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day

We had the privilege of skyping with Elder Eldredge on Mother's Day.  It was one of the two times a year the missionaries are allowed to call home.  We had a great time all gathering around the computer and seeing him.  He was happy and excited about serving a mission.  He thanked us, his parents, for providing him with a loving home to grow up in, and brought me to tears as he expressed his gratitude and love for us in great detail.  What a blessing to have a son serving The Lord full time.
 We also received a letter from a sister who attended church where Sawyer spoke on Mother's Day.   
Dear Eldredge family,
I know today you will have the privilege of speaking with your missionary but I wanted to send you an extra gift. My husband asked the elders to speak today on how their mothers prepared them for their missions. I tried to take good notes and thought I would pass along to you what your elder shared with our ward today. Obviously not word for word, but I think you'll get the message just the same.

Your son is a very humble young man with a gift of speaking from his heart and by the spirit. He related the scripture in 1 Nephi 1:1 and changed goodly parents to include a goodly father and a goodly mother. He saluted his mother for raising him to do all of the things necessary to be a good missionary including tying his shoes, riding a bike, cleaning, cooking, choosing the right eggs and milk at the grocery store, and how to say please and thank you.  He told us of how he appreciated many traits in his mother, and that each of these traits helped him prepare spiritually to become a missionary. Things like a gentle reminder each night, "don't forget to say your prayers!" (which, by the way, he said he misses!) He saluted his mother as being a great scriptorian who taught her children the scriptures at their level and helped them to know where to seek the truth. He told us his mother taught him to always attend church and to always fulfill his priesthood responsibilities. He recounted the story of the stripling warriors and reminded us of the scripture in Alma 56:47 where they were taught by their mothers, and how they didn't doubt because their mothers knew it. He bore a strong testimony that because he had been taught by his mother, he too, does not doubt. He concluded with a strong testimony of the truths he is now teaching on his mission. It was a powerful talk.

On a side note, before Elder Stephens took his turn, our musical number today was all of the priesthood singing "I Know That My Redeemer Lives" and both the elders joined in testifying yet again, this time through music. The spirit was strong. It was a great gift to all of the women in our congregation to know that these worthy priesthood holders know that their Redeemer does live.

We are grateful to have these elders in our stake and in our ward. They are awesome. Enjoy your phone call today. Know that we are all doing our best to support their efforts and take good care of them while they are away on the Lord's errand.
Sister Joy Sorensen


  1. what a great gift! Love his desire to do the Lord's will!

  2. What a really nice lady to have done that for his talk. To be numbered with the Mothers who taught the stripling warriors is awesome. You really have been a great Mother, Wendy. I am still learning from you.