Monday, May 6, 2013

My First Baptism!!!!

 May 6, 2013

Dearest Mommy :) 

My first Baptism!!!!! :D It was sssssoooo amazing!!!!  Slone is so amazing!!! The talks were amazing, the spirit was there. His grandfather baptized him and his less-active dad said the closing prayer. When Brother Schmitt (Slone's Dad) got up to the pulpit to say the prayer he stood there for at least a minuet just crying, trying to pull himself together. Then his brother got up there and put his arm around him and then Brother Schmitt found the power to start the prayer. It was so powerful!! I really hope they continue to come to church and become reactivated. Slone also has a little sister, Carly, who is 11 and not baptized. We are planning on teaching Slone the new member lessons (which are the same lessons just a recap) in his home and hopefully with his sister there!!!! I hope she sees how much happiness the Gospel is bringing to her brother’s life and will want to be a part of it.  I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!!! THIS IS WHAT IT IS ALL ABOUT!!!!! 

You guys had a baptism this weekend too!!! That is so cool!!! I remember Mike Gore coming and visiting in Elders Quorum and he seemed like a cool guy!!! I’m so glad the work is moving forward :)

A couple of the families we're teaching have fallen on some hard times in their marriages.  Every time I go over to their house I thank my Heavenly Father I was born of goodly parents that love me and taught me in the ways of God. So I’m a Missionary and a Marriage Counselor!  

I love the kids I'm teaching.  The brothers have a baptismal date!!! June 1st!!! The little girl we teach went to church yesterday!!! for the first time in a long time!!!! She is scheduled to be baptized June 15th. The day after Elder Stephens birthday!!! Yes he and Joe share the same birthday.  

We are teaching another little girl.  She is sssssooooo smart!!! She has been going to church with a family in one of our wards and they asked her if she wanted to take the missionary discussions and she said yes!!! She has been going for a while so she knows a lot of the answers. She is 8 but her parents are divorced and not members. So we get to count it as one of our baptisms. She is so fun :)

I’m glad you liked D&C 35:13-14.  President Brinkerhoff showed it to us. I think it applies to everybody. We must all "fight manfully" for the Lord. And whether you want to or not you are doing it!! You are having the missionary discussions in your home and raising children unto the Lord and being an example for all to see!!!! You’re amazing!!!!

Do you know were BB is going on her mission? She is going to be an amazing missionary!!! 

I love you I love you I love you!!!!

Your son,
Elder Eldredge

This was a picture I took of my bike last week!

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  1. Baptisms are a great time to feel the spirit. Moving story about the young man being baptized and his father.
    Evelyn's birthday is June 15th! Neat to think there will be a baptism on the same day.
    Inspiring words!