Monday, March 3, 2014

Tender Mercies


Tender Mercies:
A box from home! The 27th of this month was my one year mark. I got an amazing box from my family full of uplifting, loving, and funny things! A stuffed camel for "Hump Day" from mommy, a book about member missionary work that made me roll on the floor laughing (Thanks Mikella!!!), an awesome framed scripture from Joe, D&C 4, a hug from Gabe, and Atonement taffy from Daddy! I’m eternally grateful for my family. I would not be the guy I am today if it wasn't for them. I thank my Heavenly Father for the amazing home I have. Words can’t describe the love and gratitude I have for them. 

Dinner on our one-year mark. Elder Downey and I have the same "hump day."

I’m so grateful for Elder Downey. He is an amazing companion and I learn so much from him. He loves the people we get to work with and he is very determined!!! He has been helping me on my singing. This last Friday Elder Downey, Elder Govatos, and Elder Huish sang "Be Still My Soul" with accompaniment from Sister Shoemaker on piano and Sister Linford on the violin. I was given the assignment to sing a solo at the very beginning! I was so scared! But Elder Downey helped me and gave me confidence. I thought we did an ok job. I’m grateful for my Heavenly Father giving me opportunities to grow.  

We had an awesome lesson with one of our investigators, the Session family. The Father is a member and the Mother is not. They have 3 kids, Riley, Rex, and Regan. Sister Session is trying to find out if God is really there and if He knows her. We had a lesson talking about how much our Heavenly Father loves us. 

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." 

We talked about the Atonement and how it can bless our life. We had our Ward Mission Leader there and he invited them over tonight for a family night. I’m so grateful for amazing leaders who lead by example.

Elder Eldredge

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