Monday, March 10, 2014

These Weeks Fly By


These weeks fly by!!! 

I know we did a ton of stuff this week but I can’t remember!!!

So much progression with our investigators!!!

We have an investigator named Kevin Oshia (sounds like Oshay). His son is on a mission in Arizona and his older daughter and her husband were baptized 3 weeks ago. We had a lesson on the Restoration and he said he would be baptized! But he wants to be his son’s last convert. He said he wants to learn more and prepare to be baptized! We are excited to teach him about the temple and invite him to be baptized now so he can be sealed to his family when his son returns from his mission! He is a great guy and we have really formed a great friendship with him :)

Then there is Colleen Jackson. She is from Long Island, NY. She moved to Idaho to get away from bad influences back in NY. She has been really humbled and is so ready to hear the gospel. She is a great lady and loves God. We had a church tour with her and The Spirit was incredibly strong. She didn’t make it to church yesterday but we are excited to start working with her. 

Our next baptism is Robby Johnson. He is an amazing guy! So willing and ready to follow the Lord’s commandments! We had a lesson on the Word of Wisdom which is God’s instructions on what we should and shouldn't eat. He openly accepted and promised to follow it. It’s so amazing watching someone grow in the Gospel of Christ and how happy it makes them!!! He will be baptized on March 22nd at 6:00. I can’t wait!!!

I’m so grateful for the Restoration. We had an amazing lesson with another new investigator named Juan. He has met with the missionaries before and is now taking the lessons with his friend David. We watched the Restoration DVD but before we pressed play we talked about the Holy Ghost and how it testifies of truth. We invited them to pay close attention to how they felt during the move and to pay close attention when Joseph Smith receives an answer to his prayer. We watched the movie and I felt the spirit. I've watched that move tons of times and every time the Holy Ghost tells me of the truthfulness of what I’m watching. After the move we asked David and Juan what they felt. Juan said he felt warm and he had a smile on his face. We testified to what we felt and asked them to pay close attention to what they felt. I then told him how Satan is going to try to make them forget what they felt and that they needed to remember how the Spirit testified of what they saw. I talked about how Joseph Smith, at the age of 14, was being ridiculed and hated for what he said he saw and felt. But then Joseph Smith said "I knew it, and I knew God knew it, and I could not deny it." That same thing had just happened with them.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ, restored once again to the earth, has blessed my life more then I can tell. I invite all to listen and find for themselves if this is true. If you have a question, who better to ask than the Creator, your Father. I promise, in the name of Jesus Christ, that He will answer as you sincerely pray to know. 


Elder Eldredge    

This is Shayla.  I got to be a part of her baptism during the first 6 months of my mission.  She's still going strong!

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