Monday, August 11, 2014


WOW!!!! What a great week!!! What a roller-coaster!!!

Miracle after miracle!!!!! We got a referral to contact a guy, Chad, that had a friend, Curtis. We called him and set up an appointment the following day. We met at Curtis's house which is in one of our wards that has NO work in it. The Chad is a returned missionary of about a year and is working a construction job south of IF with Curtis. Curtis started asking questions and Chad said they needed to meet with the missionaries. Curtis is GOLDEN!!!! When we met with him the first time he offered to pray and cut his prayer short because he started to cry. When we tried to describe what the Holy Ghost feels like he said "I feel it right now." He has asked that we meet every day and we love meeting with him!!! He came to church and loved it!!!! He is so in tune with the spirit and so ready for the gospel. He knows it’s true. Satan knows it’s true too and doesn't want Curtis to feel of the happiness and light that the gospel brings. He has had many friends tell him that his religion is "dumb" and have tried to get him to stop meeting with us. But this means that he is talking with his friends about the gospel and the light he has felt!!!! He is incredible. He will be baptized on August 30th and will receive the gift of the Holy Ghost the following day. Please pray for him!!! 

Mariah: We had an interesting run in with her this week. We had a lesson planned and came with a ward missionary, Brother Johnson.  She was livid. I have never seen anyone so angry and upset. She has been living with a guy named Shaun. She accused him of sleeping around and doing drugs the night before. He left after picking up a few things and hasn't returned. She really needs all of our prayers. She is going through a very hard time. She doesn't see a reason to keep going. Elder Olson and I were brought to tears as we tried to help her. She was so full of hate towards everyone and everything that there was a very real spiritual battle going on. We need your help. 

We have a new ward we cover. The Victorian Village ward. I love this ward!!! It was one of my old wards when I was first on my mission! It feels like a home coming!!! We had dinner with one of my favorite families in that ward. The Watsons!!! I love this family so much!!! Brother Watson was the ward mission leader when I first covered their ward. Now he is the gospel doctrine teacher and does a great job! Sister Watson is the best!!! She is the primary president and loves those kids so much!!!! I love this family. 

Another week. Another step. 

I love you all and pray for your happiness.

In Him,
Elder Eldredge

Me, Elder Floyd, Curtis, Chad & Elder Olson

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