Monday, February 9, 2015

Never Gonna Stop


 Quick list of craziness!
1) Stepping into hell
2) Drunks seeing and talking to spirits
3) Zone Training madness
I love being a missionary!!!!!
1) So there is this apartment. A basement apartment. You have to take 5 or so steps down into it. They have no power except for a single power cord they are running from the upstairs apartment. It’s dirty, and smells of something not natural. We have been here a few times but this time was crazy. As we walked in there was a bunch of kids ages 7-19 lying around doing nothing. Some were sleeping, others just sitting there. Elder Fontes went around with our phone and shined it on the faces of the kids trying to find someone we knew. We found the two older kids who we had met before and started talking with them. Food and garbage lay all over the floor. On a table in the next room were two hooka pipes. We asked if they had any light and they turned on a black light. So now we all looked like something from the movies. The adult of the house finally showed up and we spoke with her. She is a member and we are trying to get her to come to church with us. We talked about the benefits of raising your kids in the gospel. We were very bold, and loving, in inviting her to bring her children to church so she and her children could make changes in their lives. Then the kids got in the conversation. It was amazing feeling the very real spirits in the room fight. As we testified, the spirit, the Holy Ghost, would be felt. Then they would come back with a rude or inappropriate comment and dismiss the spirit. We left with an invitation to come to church. We will see where it goes from there.
2) Walking past a door and we hear someone speaking very loudly. We got closer and the smell of alcohol was thick. It was rather comical.
3) This week, Elder Fontes and I did interviews with all the companionships in the zone to prep for zone training. We talked about inviting people to be baptized daily but doing it effectively; with real meaning and with the spirit. Then on Friday we had our zone training. The APs came and said we did a good job. After every training section we would stand up and do a practice. It got people out of their comfort zones and talking! It was good :) I love this zone, I love these missionaries, I love this work.
Never gona stop.

Elder Eldredge   

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