Monday, July 22, 2013

I Know It With My Whole Soul




We’ve got a baptism coming up! Karisa Murdal!!!! She will be baptized Aug. 1st (Yes on a Thursday, it’s when she has a day off) and then confirmed on the following Sunday!!!! I’m so excited for her to become a member of Christs’ Church and to fully accept the truth into her life.  It’s been amazing seeing the light of Christ shine brighter and brighter in her eyes in the past month we have been working with her. She has said herself that she has felt the spirit more and has received more and more blessings. Her children used to get sick a lot, now they are better. She has been finically burdened and it is becoming lighter. It’s amazing the things God does for his children to show them the light.


Another great update! Tajah Snook (the one I asked Gabe to pray for) came to church this week!!!! We have really worked on building a trust and friendship and helping her see the truth. Sister Snook, Pamela, is a less active and I have seen the Light of Christ come back into her eyes as well!!! I’m so excited for this family!!! We hope to have Tajah baptized sometime this next month!!!


My new companion!!! Elder Curtis is great! He is 21 from Houston!!!! Believe it or not he actually lives 15 minutes away from me!!! He went to Kline High school and knew Madie. It’s crazy that we ended up together. Another crazy thing is he has been out only a week longer than me. So he and I will probably fly home together!!! Crazy!!! Elder Curtis loves playing Soccer and is getting his major in Computer Science.  He hopes to work for Intel when he gets home. He is the youngest of 5 children, the first 4 being sisters!!! Poor guy! He became less active and went through a hard time in his life. But he knew he needed to serve a mission, so he got his act together and went to work. I’m very excited to be working with him.


Since Elder Stephens is gone and I’m the one who knows the area it’s been pretty stressful trying to fill our days and keep working. I made a promise to never go home early. I have heard too many 8:50 pm miracles to go home early. There is work out there and we are doing it through the members. This last Sunday we did a "Search and Rescue" in the Township Ward. All the leaders of the different organizations got together and were given names to go find in the ward. We got to go with Bishop Polson and the ward secretary (sorry I don’t remember his name) and try and find them! In the end we got a ton of names to go visit of people who were interested and wanted visitors! It’s amazing how as soon as the wards start working the work of salvation, God gives us people to bring back to him.


I know this is the truth. I know it with my whole soul.


With all my love,

Elder Eldredge

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  1. Nice picture! I love your blog. I think I'll find out more about how James is doing from your blog than his emails ;). I hope you stay his companion for awhile ;). I'm glad you have several investigators and inactives to work with. I pray that you will be able to make a difference in their life's.