Thursday, July 4, 2013

Just a quick note and a few pictures

June 24, 2013


So ya my birthday is tomorrow!!!! I’m going to be 19! I’m super excited!!!


The Lord has blessed my companions and I so much. The Baptisms we have had have been evidence of that. The Lord prepared these people to be baptized now and to receive the blessings of the Holy Ghost. Glory be to the Father.


I’ve been sick. This cough has really taken a toll on me. But last night Elder McCain gave me a blessing. He said according to my faith I would be healed.  And last night was the best rest I’ve had in a long time. But the scripture 2 Nephi 25:23 kept coming to my mind. "After all we can do" So I did all I could to help my cough go away and the Lord did the rest. Thank you Heavenly Father for all you do for me.


Sorry this one is short. I love ya’ll sssssooooo much and I’m so grateful for all you do for me.


Never Stop Praying.


Elder Eldredge
Here's a picture of Sawyer wearing a "Les Miserables" pin that Mikella made and Joe sent to him.

Sawyer's new favorite tie with polka dots on the knot and stripes down the front.

Here's what Sawyer said about this picture: "This is the field next to the church.  It was full of knee-high weeds and now it's this!"  Guess he's learning the difference between weeds and alfalfa. :)

Sawyer's companion plays the guitar, and for Sawyer's birthday he asked for a ukulele.  Here he is getting a lesson on his uke.

A Sister in one of the wards Sawyer serves in brought over this special treat for the missionaries.

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