Monday, October 7, 2013

Greeny Fire



We got transfer calls this week but before we got the call Elder Olson and I got a call from the “Assistants to the President” (AP). They asked us if we would be willing to train!!!! Elder Olson will be leaving and going to Pocatello, entering a new area, and training!!!! He’s a stud! I will be staying here and training. I’m really nervous about being the example needed to raise a strong new missionary. But with the Lord’s help, I can do anything. I’ve been praying for him and hoping that he is a strong Elder who is ready to work and has that "greeny fire" that Elders can have coming out of the MTC. I hope to catch some of that fire and get a kick-start back into my mission. I’m so grateful for this opportunity to serve and to be trusted with a new Elder. Please pray for us that we might do what the Lord will have us do.


Elder Olson has been sick the last 3 days. He thinks he got food poisoning! I’ve been eating the same things he has and I’m fine! But I’m not going to argue with a guy who is throwing up every 2 hours all night!!!! Ya that was a crazy experience! Luckily it was over conference weekend so we weren't missing out on any appointments. And those that we had we could reschedule. 


Conference was great! I really enjoyed President Monson’s talk. He spoke of people going through hard times.  Here’s a link to his talk. 



I’m so grateful for a living prophet who guides us and leads and lets us know what our Lord would have us hear. Prophets have always been a part of how God speaks to his children. Adam was the first prophet and he, too, gathered the inhabitants of the earth and spoke to them of God’s will. But as people reject the prophets and lean on their own understanding and replace God with other worldly things, they reject the teachings and sometimes kill the very man God sent them to come back to him. Prophets have always either prophesied of Christ, or spoken of his teachings.


When Christ came to the earth, died for all of our sins, was resurrected, and returned to His Father, he left the church in the hands of the 12 apostles. But the rejection of Christ and his teaching drove the 12 away and eventual the priesthood (or power of God given to man to serve and do as he would) was taken from the earth. Today, we have a prophet who hold the very same power given to the 12 apostles of old. Threw the restoration of Christ’s church back on the earth threw Joseph Smith. I know this is true. I have prayed about it. I’m so grateful to know that my Heavenly Father loves me enough to bring back His word to the earth so I wouldn't have to walk in darkness and confusion. 


I’m looking forward to this new chapter in my mission. I’m going to miss working with Elder Olson but I’m excited to start training.       


Thank you so much for all of your support

Elder Eldredge

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