Monday, October 14, 2013

He Is Always There



Hi Everyone!


This week has been crazy! Transfers! I lost Elder Olson, and gained Elder Hindes! He is my "son!"  In the mission we do this dumb "lineage" thing. Elder Stephens is my "Father" because he trained me and Elder Hindes is my "Son" because I’m training him.  He’s a great guy! He hails from Saint George, Utah, sings opera, and has a girl friend going on a mission soon. He is 18, likes to talk, and is very good at remembering things. He remembers names better than I do and I’ve been here 6 weeks!!! We get along pretty well. He is having a hard time with the lessons so we spend a lot of time studying those, but he is really good at relating to people and their personal experiences. I’m excited to start working with him!


Investigator update: 


Echo Neilson: She is doing well but hasn’t come to church yet! We were going to get her baptized on the 2nd of November but now it will have to be the 9th. She is a great girl and absorbs the gospel like a sponge. 


Kinichi Chicon: He is a Native American foster child. I’m way excited to start working with him and getting to know him. We haven't taught him yet but he has been attending church for the last month and has been going to scouts and young men activity. By the sounds of it he is a solid investigator. 


Being a trainer is difficult but rewarding. It’s great seeing Elder Hindes use the things we had disused that morning during studies in the lessons we teach that day. I thought I was praying a lot with Elder Olson, but now that I have the responsibility of another Elder, I’ve been praying even more!!!! I need the Lord’s help, I need his guidance and strength. I’m so grateful to have someone to turn to and receive what I need and not what I want. Its humbling knowing he is always there watching and helping us every second of the day. The Creator, The Savior, The Lamb of God, is my best friend, my third companion. I give thanks every day.


Romans 8:31 “What shall we then say to these things?  If God be for us, who can be against us?


Elder Eldredge 

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