Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Egg Nog, Frost and the Warmth of the Spirit!

Elder Hindes and I got packages from home ON THE SAME DAY!!



First off...Happy early birthday Mikella!!!!! The big 18!!!!! I’m so proud to by your big brother. I often feel inadequate to be such an amazing angel’s big brother! You have always been so loving to everyone around you! You have always been an example of the peacemakers!!! My sister always stood up for me when I was getting in trouble. Even when I deserved to be punished my sister would ask for another chance for me! How amazing is that! Even when I was being mean to her she would still stick up for me. Thank you Mikella for being a Daughter of God that all can look up to, someone who will point them to Christ and show them the way to Him. Happy Birthday lil' sis :)


This week was good. Elder Hindes invited one of our investigators to be baptized and he accepted! And we are going to be helping the goal of 100 baptisms for the month of October! His name is Keneshi. He is a Native American foster child. His parents that adopted him are members and he has been going to scouts for a while. He is 12 years old and soaks in the gospel like a sponge! He is very intelligent and his family is really helping him move forward. They are helping him read and pray and asking him questions and answering questions when they can. It’s great working with this family.


It’s definitely getting cold up here! Every morning there is frost on the ground and when we ride our bikes and the wind is pushing against us it gets real cold! But with the cold comes the holiday season! I got myself a carton of pumpkin-spice egg-nog!!! It’s wonderus! I’m very excited for the season spirit to work within the members and hopefully reach out and share the great story of Christ and of the Restoration. With this season also comes the primary programs! This last Sunday we attended a primary program and I almost cried! I had never gotten emotional during a primary program! All it is is little kids going up and saying a line or two and singing songs! But there was a few times the spirit really spoke to me that what they were saying was true. They talked about how we are children of a King, a King who created this world for us, a King who sent messengers to lead and guide us called prophets, a King who sent a prince, His son, to atone for our sins and show us the way, a King who still today loves us and wants our success. It was very sweet. They did a great job!!!!


11 months... I miss her so much. I’m sorry, y’all probably get annoyed with me saying this every month. But she, Madeline Rose, was the light in my life. I will never forget. She has become a part of me that will always be there. She will always have a place in my heart. I cannot wait for the day to come when I will get to see her again. I testify in the name of Jesus Christ, that she lives on. Not on this world, but in the next. She is doing her Father’s will. She is teaching those who were not able to receive the blessed word and gospel of Jesus Christ. I’m so proud to say I KNOW her. The Plan of Salvation is real. Christ is the center of it. Because of him, I can find peace in this life and in the life after this.


Your missionary,

Elder Eldredge



  1. Great letter and great insights! I will never tire of people remembering Madeline Rose. She was everything to me as well, and I miss her every hour of every day. I am so proud of how you are working and striving to do the Lord's will.

  2. Happy for baptisms! Happy somebody is getting weather to take them to the holidays! And happy you have such an amazing testimony! Feel the Kroff love coming your way!!!