Tuesday, September 16, 2014


What a crazy last few weeks!!!

I’ve been transferred down to Pocatello and Its crazy!!! I’m working in a YSA (Young Single Adults) stake and its pretty cool. It’s fun working with younger kids and feeling the energy they have. We have a great ward mission leader who is pumped in doing the work. 

Saturday we were walking around the ISU student housing we cover. We decided to knock on the door of a previous contact we had. When we knocked 5 girls answered the door. All of them on the school soccer team. We chatted for a little and ended up sharing a message of the Restoration with them. We gave them a copy of the Book of Mormon and invited them all to pray. Just another day in the life! I’ve never done YSA work so this is new! 

This past Sunday a young man gave a talk on service. I really felt the spirit as he shared with us his testimony of giving of ourselves. It’s strange how when we lose ourselves in the Lord’s work we find ourselves. We find kindness, charity, and a humble heart. Then later that night we went to a CES Devotional where Elder Christopherson spoke. He spoke on this same subject. "Loosing ourselves." It was invigoration and I didn’t want it to end! Pleas watch it!!!

With love,
Elder Eldredge

P.S. Pleas pray for Dora and Kelsey!!!

The missionary standing next to Elder Eldredge is his new companion, Elder Gulisane. The missionary on the far left is the Assistant to the President that Sawyer is replacing.  Elders Eldredge and Gulisane are serving together as Assistants to the Mission President.  

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