Monday, September 29, 2014

High Stress and Lots of Growth


Another crazy week!

Monday Sep. 22 (HAPPY BIRHTDAY GABE!!!)
We went on a hike! It was super fun. The fall colors are out and it’s beautiful. The weather is perfect. Warm sun with a cool breeze. I like being In Pocatello with all the hills really close. It makes for fun pdays! 

Tuesday Sep. 23
We went to Rexburg to see a devotional where Elder Holland of the quorum of the 12 apostles was speaking. We got some great seats and had a great time! He talked about being happy and living after the manner of happiness. He said "If you want to be happy, do what happy people do."  I got to see my sister Mikella, my best friend Katie Alley, and another friend of the Morris family. It was SWEET!!!   

Wednesday Sep. 24
I went on an exchange with Elder Depperman and Elder Chernan. They are two awesome missionaries in the Ammon zone. They have a really big zone and I got to go see how it was going! They are very hard workers and devoted missionaries. We got to talking about the mission and ways we could improve. We came up with an idea of having all the missionaries in the whole mission do the 12 week program all new missionaries do. We are getting back to the basics!

Thursday Sep. 23
Today was prep day. We took all day to get ready for MLC on Friday. We got all the paperwork in order, graphs made, and presentations ready. By the time 10:00 pm rolled around we still hadn’t done our trainings!!! I was SSSSSUUUUUUPPPPPEEEEERRRRRRR stressed! In less than 12 hours I would be standing in front of the whole Mission Leadership Council all by myself to give a 30 min training and I had nothing!!! Luckily, with the help of the Lord, I pulled threw. "Charity, a gift from God" was my training. 

Friday Sep 24
MLC. WOW. It was awesome!!! I had a lot of fun seeing some old friends and having lunch with them. My training went well! President Brinkerhoff complimented both mine and Elder Gulisanes training. It felt really good. There is the training you prepare, the training you gave, and the training the Holy Ghost gave. It was really cool being moved through the things I wanted to talk about in ways I didn’t think I would. I’m so grateful to be a part of Christ’s church and to have the gift of the Holy Ghost!!!

Sat Sep 25
A driving day. We went to Idaho Falls to drop some things off, then to Rexburg to do the same, and then to Soda Springs to spend the night. 

Sunday Sep 26
Church!!! I woke up thinking today would be fast Sunday, I didn’t have breakfast and went to our meetings. But in the YSA stake they have a snake room. It’s the little room that all the stake offices lead into. There are 4-5 jars of candy, trail mix, and chocolate covered everything!!! When this room is packed, you know it’s not fast Sunday!!!

Another amazing week. High stress and lots of growth. I’m so grateful for the friends I have made out here on the mission and their support. But most of all I’m grateful for my family and all the love they show!!! I am forever in their debt.  


Elder Eldredge

Elder Eldredge & his sister Mikella
Elder Eldredge & Katie

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