Monday, January 27, 2014

He Works Through Us


This week was crazy!!!

For P-day I took my district to do Laser Tag at a little arcade place. It was tons of fun! I love my District!
But then the rest of this week I've felt like we have been running around with our heads chopped off!

We set up 3 appointments with our investigator Dalton and all 3 times something came up to not let it happen. The last time Becky, Dalton’s girlfriend, was driving from Rexburg back to Idaho Falls so we could meet up for the lesson, her engine caught on fire!!! Its crazy how much Satan does NOT want them to progress in the gospel. I love them both so much! I want them so badly to come back to Christ!!!

Then we were trying to have another lesson with Nea, the 13 year old girl whose mother died about 8 months ago. But she had finals in school this week and then spent the weekend with her aunt. She is so ready we just need to meet with her!!!

Then there was Courtney. We had a lesson planned for Tuesday. This was going to be the final lesson before her baptism but she had to move it to Friday! The day before the baptism! So we had a lesson then she was interviewed for baptism. But that day, Friday, we found out that Joe, her husband, hadn't received the priesthood yet! So we called up his bishop and arranged for him to come and assist in giving him the priesthood! It was crazy!!!! But by Sunday all was well!!! Courtney was given the Gift of the Holy Ghost and they were both beaming :). I LOVE seeing the light of Christ enter someone’s life!!!!

This week I learned more about Christ’s roll in the Old Testament. Christ is the God of the Old Testament. He is the one who made the covenant with Abraham and Isaac. He is the one Moses spoke to and received revelation from. I always had a hard time with this because, well, why couldn't God himself do it? Let me ask you this question. If a man were to do something great and amazing, he would definitely get the credit/glory of this task. But if the man teaches his son to do something great is spreads to both him and his son. God loves us all so much and wishes for us all to taste of His glory. So He works threw all of us!  Just some of the thoughts of Elder Eldredge this week :)

Elder Eldredge

I love my district!!!

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